Carl A. Gerstacker Institute for Business and Management

Want to stand squarely among the next generation of business leaders? The Gerstacker Institute, home to Albion's Business and Organizations program, equips aspiring entrepreneurs, corporate executives, attorneys, and family business owners through a solid educational foundation encompassing both the liberal arts as well as common business subjects such as accounting, economics, statistics, professional communication and writing, global issues, management and ethics.

Created in 1973, the Gerstacker Institute takes the study of business far beyond theory. Visiting executives will share their expertise with you in workshop presentations and one-on-one networking sessions. You'll be required to take what you learn into internships in public and corporate accounting, banking, finance, manufacturing, marketing and sales, and arts management, among other areas, and then use those experiences as a springboard into your future career. Many Gerstacker students also spend a semester studying abroad in locations such as London, Brussels, Paris, Beijing, and Sydney.

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