Enrollment Forms

soar_logo_pms518_1245This site offers two options (interactive and .PDF) for completing your forms.

Interactive Forms

These forms you can fill out and submit online. These forms are completely secure so that any information submitted will remain confidential.

PDF Forms

You can download PDF versions of the forms, print them on your home printer, fill them out by hand, and bring them with you to the SOAR program or mail them to the appropriate department listed on the form:

Form Name Required? Deadline Interactive
(Complete Online)
pdf PDF
Forms Download, Print, & Mail Forms
New Student's Family Information Form Required Prior to attending SOAR yes no Email SOAR
Housing Request Form Required Friday, June 6


pdfHousing Information


no Email Reslife
Student Health Record Required Friday,
August 1
no yes Email Student Health Services
First-Year Seminar Classes Required Prior to attending SOAR

pdfCourse Descriptions

Seminars Registration

no Email First Year Experience
First-Year Student Parking Petition


Tuesday, July 1


Information on parking fees



Email Campus Safety

If you are attending August SOAR and the above deadlines have passed, please submit your materials as early as possible.