Faculty/Staff Advisors

Albion College requires that all recognized student organizations have a faculty or staff advisor. By sharing knowledge about the College and personal experience, the advisor can assist the group in the conduct of its activities.

Obviously, the relationship between an advisor and an organization will vary, not only with each organization, but from time to time within an organization. Nevertheless, the general concerns/responsibilities of the advisor remain constant and encompass the following points:

Advisors should consult with the Campus Programs and Organizations Staff about organizational problems, plans, or changes in organizational status when the advisor deems it appropriate.

Negotiating Advisor Role

In order for advisors to effectively fulfill their responsibilities, and for organization officers to maximize the valuable role that advisors can play, a working agreement must be reached between the advisor and officers. The general parameters of this agreement were suggested in the preceding paragraphs. The following five-step process is suggested as one means of negotiating the advisor-organization relationship.

Step 1: Initial Meeting

As soon as possible after election of new organizational officers, the advisor should meet with them to discuss the following:

Step 2: Negotiation Session

Within a week after the initial meeting, the advisor and officers should meet again to negotiate the specifics of their working relationship including:

Step 3: Organization Meetings

Even if the advisor will not be attending organization meetings on a regular basis, the advisor should be invited to one of the first meetings so that he or she has an opportunity to meet the members and discuss his or her role.

Step 4: Carry Out Negotiated Roles

The advisor and officers share responsibility for ensuring that the arrangements negotiated in step 2 are carried out. Renegotiation may be necessary as the year progresses.

Step 5: Year End Wrap-Up

Shortly before the election of new officers, the advisor and current officers should meet to discuss: