Billing Information

Important Student Billing Information


Your student bill is your responsibility; it is not the responsibility of your parent(s) or guardian. While your parent(s) or guardian may be making payments on your behalf, the responsibility to make sure that these obligations are met in a timely manner is yours alone. Any repercussions from failure to fulfill these obligations will directly affect you personally.

TouchNet e-Bill

Albion College provides a convenient on-line system (TouchNet) for tracking student account information and making payments for your tuition and fees. You will also receive e-mail notifications via your Albion College e-mail and have access to make online payments via e-check or credit card as well. (Albion does not offer paper billing statements.) You may also make payments at the Accounting Office in Ferguson Hall.

Your individual account is private. If your parent(s) or guardian will be making payments on your behalf, it is your responsibility to add them as an "authorized user" within the TouchNet e-Bill system. "Authorized users", when added, will also receive e-mail notifications of all billings and will have the ability to make on-line payments via an e-check or credit card. Instructions on setting up an "authoized user" may be found at the following website: The "authorized user" status grants your parent(s) or guardian access to billing information only.

Parent Communications with respect to Billings and Financial Aid

As stated above you, the student, are the primary contact with respect to your College billing and financial aid. You may allow your parent(s) or guardian to speak to College representatives about billing and financial aid issues by completing a "Consent to Release Information" form, This permission is required under the federal FERPA law. While this form is available anytime, it is best if you complete it at your SOAR session.

Billing Rules

We will allow you to set your own payment arrangements within the terms listed below:

Fall Semester Due Dates

August 20                       Minimum of one-half of your charges (excluding Albion College institutional financial aid).
October 15 Semester charges must be paid in full.


Spring Semester Due Dates

January 15                        Minimum of one-half of your charges (excluding Albion College institutional financial aid).
March 15 Semester charges must be paid in full.


Time Charges

You may choose to pay your account in full at the stated amount, or to defer payment of a portion of the account balance. Any portion of the account that is deferred will be increased by a time charge. The price differential will be calculated at 1.25% a month. The differential charge will apply to balances outstanding after August 20 (for fall semester) and January 15 (for spring semester). This includes balances from incomplete financial aid including loans. The exception is for new charges; you will have one billing cycle to pay any new billing items before any time charge is assessed. After that billing cycle, you will be subject to time charges as described above.

Disputed Charges

You will have one billing cycle to resolve disputed charges. Items such as library fines and parking fines must be resolved with the Library or Campus Safety or the department that posted the charge in question. Please contact the Accounting Office at 517-629-0204 if you do not know whom to contact and they will provide you with the correct contact information.

In-Semester Charges and Changes

Changes often occur mid-semester, e.g. students change room assignments, incur miscellaneous charges and/or drop/add classes in the drop/add period. Changes on your bill resulting from these items will be given one billing cycle to be paid in full before time charges are assessed.


If you have a balance on your account after October 15 (fall semester) or March 15 (spring semester) a hold will be placed on your account. A hold restricts your ability to register and receive or forward transcripts.

If you have a balance at the conclusion of the semester you will be withdrawn and will have to apply for readmission to the College. Withdrawal for failure to fulfill your financial responsibility may result in your needing to provide assurance that future bills will be paid in a timely manner. Readmission may be dependent upon satisfactory payment arrangements for future billings.

Financial Aid

All financial aid requirements should be met prior to August 1 for the August 20 payment due date or January 1 for the January 15 due date. This includes all internal and external aid as well as student loans. Exceptions would be requested verification of your enrollment for a third party or late admission to the College. The College will give one billing cycle to resolve such enrollment verification issues. After that cycle, the College will assess time charges according to the rules described above. Selection for federal verification for financial aid purposes will not prevent time charges on items pended as a result of the federal verification.

Pending Financial Aid

Please review billing items listed as "memo items" carefully. The College cannot post federal funds (aid and /or loans) to your student account until 10 days prior to the start of the semester, items on your bill that continue to be listed as "memo items" indicate that some action is necessary on the part of you, the student. "Memo items" do not reduce your balance when assessing time charges so failure to act on these items will result in additional cost to you.

Higher One Monthly Payment Plan (Formerly Sallie Mae)

The Higher One plan enables you to pay all or part of your Albion College fees in monthly installments without interest charges. The plan may also be used to supplement all other forms of financial aid such as grants, loans and scholarships. Participation is on an annual or semester basis. The only cost is a $55.00 enrollment fee for the academic year, or a $35.00 enrollment fee for one semester. The deadline to enroll in the Higher One payment plan for Spring 2015 is January 15, 2015.

Please visit the Higher One website,, for further information and to sign up on-line.

Payment for Students on Off Campus Programs

Payment expectations for students on Off Campus Programs are different than when students are on campus.

A. Payment in full for the semester is expected before the student leaves for the program or the due date on the bill whichever is sooner. (An exception to this is certain Australia programs that start in mid July - payment for these programs is expected by the due date on the bill).

B. Payment Plans are not permitted.

C. Students must make sure that all federal loan paperwork is completed prior to their departure so that funds can be disbursed on time. Alternative loans and PLUS loans should be initiated far enough in advance so that they disburse on or prior to the due dates.

D. Please see the Off Campus Programs Handbook for other information.

E. Billing information can be reviewed at:

Past Due Accounts

Students having any indebtedness to the college will not be permitted to complete enrollment for the next semester's classes.

No diploma, cerificate, transcript, semester grade report, letter of honorable dismissal, or letter of recommendation will be granted to students who have an indebtedness to the College.

The College reserves the right to increase or decrease fees and charges. Published notice of any change will be given in advance.