International Student Departure Form

This information is about your return flight home is required to complete your file for the year. Please provide all of the following information. This must be submitted before leaving on any break. Also make sure that you have your passport, I-94 and most current I-20 with you when leaving the country.

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Request to Update I-20 for Travel

Please complete the following information. Return this form to the Center for International Education. Then either (1) make a 15-minute appointment with Dr. Peterson to review your information and have your I-20 signed or (2) leave your passport/visa and I-20 with Sherri Lang for next-day turn around on your materials.
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Summer/Home Address Information

If you do not know where you will be because you are traveling this summer, please let us know how to contact you.
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Important Upcoming Dates

International Students


Time to start making plans for fall and winter break!  Students must have prior approval to stay on campus over winter break. You will need to fill out a departure form if you are leaving. Please print them from the website.










Students Interested in Studying Off Campus

Applications for spring 2017 are now online and are due on September 19th!

International Study Abroad Orientation is on Wednessday 10/19 and the General Orientation for students studying off campus will be on 10/21. These orientations are mandatory. Make your plans now.

November 18- OCP grant applications due by 5 pm. Must be filled out online!

International Education Week is November 14-18 this year. The OCP photo contest will be held in conjunction with International Education Week. Contact CIE if you have any questions~



International Coffee Hour - Open to Entire Campus

Most Fridays in the KC Living Room. Check Back for a Detailed Schedule!


09/26- KC Living Room

10/21- KC Living Room

10/28- Special Halloween Coffee Hour- Kc Living Room

11/18- KC Living Room a special coffee hour in honor of International Education Week!