New Hire Information


We look forward to you joining the Albion College community.  A number of documents are needeed to finalize the hiring process as well as an in person meeting with a member of the Human Resources staff.  If that meeting has not yet been scheduled you may do so by contact our office at 517-629-0205.  The meeting should be on or before your first day of work.  At this meeting you should bring with you emergency contact information, social security numbers of beneficiaries and those to be coverered under College health plans (if in a benefited position) and acceptable identification documents which will be used to complete the employer portion of the federal "Employment Eligibility Verification" form (I-9). An example of acceptable ID is a current passport or the combination of a valid driver's license and social security card.  A list of all acceptable documents is available from the I-9 link below.  This information is provided as a convenience should you choose not to print and complete the forms prior to your meeting they will be made available to you during the meeting.  Please do not hesitate to contact the Human Resources staff should you have any questions.

     General                 Benefit forms and information
  pdfI-9   Health, Dental, Rx and Vision Insurance
pdfPersonnel Record Life Insurance
    pdfBeneficiary Designation
    Discounts and Services
  pdfFederal W4   Retirement
  pdfMichigan W4    Aflac
  pdfAlbion W4    Flexible Spending Arrangement (FSA)
 Pay Days and Direct Deposit
 pdfID Cards - dependents






Retirement Program Changes for 2014

Changes to the TIAA-CREF Retirement plan are coming.  The College has been working with TIAA-CREF and The Agbay group due to the 2009 403(b) regulations which call for an increase in fiduciary responsibility of plan sponsors for 403(b) plans. The result of those efforts is for a change in the type of accounts and the investment line up. In January 2014 we will be moving to TIAA-CREF's Retirement Choice contract. We have also developed a new investment line-up that continues to offer target-date funds as well as 25 additional funds represented by 21 asset classes. 

Employees are encouraged to review the action steps below and as part of those actions steps view the transition guide information and detailed information about the new investment line-up found at

  1. Awareness of investment line-up under the new plan
    After November 25, 2013 view detailed information about the new investment line-up  at  Review the new line-up and make plans to speak with your own financial consultant or with a representative from TIAA-CREF or The Agbay Group.  Human Resources will communicate a schedule of dates when TIAA-CREF and The Agbay Group representatives will be on campus in December and January.  Please call the HR office to schedule a half hour appointment, 517-629-0205.
    EMPLOYEE ACTION NEEDED - review investment line-up

    Individual On-Campus Transition Consultation Schedule
    Friday, December 6 The Agbay Group - Nick Rea
    Tuesday, December 10 The Agbay Group - Nick Rea
    Thursday, December 12  TIAA-CREF - Brian Fors
    Friday, December 13 The Agbay Group - Nick Rea
    Thursday, December 19 The Agbay Group - Nick Rea  TIAA-CREF - Brian Fors
    Tuesday, January 7 The Agbay Group - Nick Rea
    Thursday January 9 TIAA-CREF - Brian Fors
    Friday, January 10 TIAA-CREF - Brian Fors
    Tuesday, January 14 The Agbay Group - Nick Rea
    Thursday, January 16 The Agbay Group - Nick Rea
    Thursday, January 23 TIAA-CREF - Brian Fors
    Friday, January 24 TIAA-CREF - Brian Fors
    Tuesday, January 28 The Agbay Group - Nick Rea
    Thursday, January 30 TIAA-CREF - Brian Fors

  2. Creation of new account
    TIAA-CREF will automotically create a new Retirement Choice account for all individuals currently making contributions to the 403(b) plan.  This will be done by December 20, 2013.  Individuals with TIAA-CREF Lifecycle fund will have the current accumulation in the lifecycle fund automatically transferred to the correcponding  JP Morgan SmartRetirement Fund.

  3. Election of new investments
    If you do not take action, all new contributions will go to the JP Morgan Target date fund closest to when you turn age 65. This is the default action if an employee does not take action. If you want to make your own investment choices, you may do so any time after December 23. All investment choice received by January 30, 2014 will be applied with the January 31, 2014 contributions.  You can make a new investment election online or by phone.  Online: via secure access at  Phone: 800-842-2252 Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 10 PM and Saturday, 9 AM to 6 PM ET. Please note that even if you take no action by January 30, 2014 and default to the age appropriate target date fund, you reserve the right to re-allocate your funds, using any of the plan investment options, at any time in the future.
    Default action - all new contributions will go to the JP Morgan Lifecycle fund closest to age 65.
    Optional action by employee, make you own investment choices.

  4. Decide what to do about your existing Albion College Accumulation
    Any time after the creation of your account, you may choose to move your existing accumulation under the Albion College plan to the new investment options. With the exception of the TIAA-CREF Lifecycle funds, which will automatically be moved, no action is taken on your accumulation in your current accounts and no action is required. Your old account will continue to exist and perform according to the investments in place. You can continue to move funds among the old investments choices. You will not be permitted to move funds from the new account to the old account.
    Default action – those with TIAA-CREF Lifecycle funds will be transferred to the equivalent JP Morgan Target Date Fund
    Optional action by employee, move your current funds to the new options.

 Questions about the process can be directed to Lisa Locke, Director for Human Resources (517-629-0205 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )

Questions about the investment options can be directed to TIAA-CREF or The Agbay Group

  • TIAA-CREF Call center 800-842-2252 Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 10 PM and Saturday, 9 AM to 6 PM ET
  • The Agbay Group, Anthony Agbay and Nick Rea, 877-302-4015


Application materials are only accepted for open positions.  Each search has its own search committee and application process so if an applicant is interested in more than one open position, application materials should be submitted for each position.  Please review the position listing carefully for a description, minimum and preferred qualifications and application process information.

You can view and obtain a copy of the Albion College Annual Security Report from the Campus Safety website -


In order to work in an on-campus job or an off-campus federal work study job, students must be deemed eligible to work on campus by Student Employment. If you have held any other campus job you are all set. If you have never worked on campus before, you should complete the student employment registration process now. For more information on how to register for student employment please visit the Student Employment web site.