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Samantha Stanek, '13

Samantha StanekCurrent LocationUniversity of Michigan-Flint Physical Therapy School in Flint, MI

Current Occupation: 3rd year PT student

In a nutshell, what do you do? 

I am in my final year of physical therapy school. I am currently finishing up my didactic course work, and I start three 10-week clinical rotations in the fall. During these clinical rotations, I will gain experience in orthopedics, pediatrics, and inpatient rehabilitation.

How did Albion's Healthcare Institute help you get there?

Albion's Healthcare Institute helped open my eyes to other healthcare professions that I hadn’t had much exposure to prior to college. The institute provided me with the resources to help get me into physical therapy school, and assisted me with observation sites to obtain the required volunteer hours to apply to PT school. I was also provided with resources to assist in studying for the GRE.

What's your best Albion College memory? 

I have too many great memories at Albion. My best memories include spending time with my friends on the weekends, going to La Casa, and dancing with the Albion College Dance Team during half time of the basketball games.

What's the benefit of having a healthcare institute like Albion's?

The benefit of being a part a healthcare institute like Albion’s is the guidance that you receive along the way. My intended major and ideas for career choices changed many times at the beginning of my Albion education. I was able to talk about it with someone who could provide me with more information on each career and help find the best fit for me. The institute provides an individualized plan for each member to help them best succeed in whatever they may want to pursue.

Chemistry Majors - Class of 2012

What we are doing now

Chelsea AnthonyWork then apply to medical school in next few years
Eddie BachleDatabase and Applications Administrator, Albion College
Matthew BenoitUniversity of Detroit Mercy School of Dentistry
Alexandra BoucherKirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine
Sarah ButzlerMidwestern University (AZ), Podiatry School
Leonard Chavez
Erik ChristensenGenesis Genetics Institute
Alexander Crkovski
Joshua DeuelUniversity of Michigan, School of Dentistry
Thomas DickmanRegional Medical Lab, phlebotomist, Battle Creek, MI
Elizabeth DomkeContinuing education at Lone Star College
Camille DraperTufts University, School of Dentistry
Jenna DumbletonOhio State, Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering
Jane FillmoreDow Chemical Co.
Chris GordonUniversity of Michigan, Dental School
Seth GouletEMT with Mobile, Medical Response
Brian GreathouseUniversity of Cincinnati Medical School
Michael HaugerEntrepreneur, biodiesel start-up company
Nicholas HerrmanUniversity of Michigan, Medical School
Tate KernMichigan State, College of Osteopathic Medicine
John KronnerWayne State University, immunology and microbiology
Nicholas LessnauWayne State University, Ph.D. program in Materials Engineering Kiaya Loc Virginia Tech, chemistry
Gregory Logan
Nicholas LongOhio State U, chemistry/biochemistry
Christopher OmerzaMichigan State University, Medical School
Lyndsey ReynoldsRosalind Franklin University, Chicago, Medical School
Jeff Smith
Emily StephensDartmouth, School of Experimental Medicine
Patrick UnderwoodMichigan State, Medical School

Chemistry Majors - Class of 2014

What we are doing now

Hannah AllgaierUniversity of California, Riverside, Biochem/MolecBio
Christian AndersenCayman Chemical, chemist
Avery Baerlin 
Jacqueline Bodnariuk 
Jennifer CarterCentral Michigan, medical school (MD)
Michael DixWayne State University, medical school
Grace Dougherty 
Brandon Douglas 
Erica EarlMichigan State U, chemical engineering
Eric FinkUniversity of North Carolina at Charlotte, chemistry
Anne GalusDetroit Mercy, dental school
Hayley GerberEli Lilly Corporation, scientist
Haley GitreAerotek Corporation, chemist (Pharmacia)
John Reynald 
Joseph JonesMichigan State U, medical school (MD)
Elizabeth KruppeMichigan Tech, biomedical engineering
Ryan LisowskiEMT in Kalamazoo
Robert Madeira 
Carlos MattiUniversity of Pittsburgh, chemistry
Rebecca McLaughlin 
Jillian McManamanAerotek Corporation, chemist (Pharmacia)
Nicole Melcer 
Alissa ReddyCertified Nursing assistant (preparing for PA school)
Brandon SamsWayne State University, chemistry
William Schmidt 
Heather StonerUniversity of Wisconsin, pharmacy
Joseph ThomasUniversity of Wisconsin, chemistry
Anna WanhalaUniversity of Tennessee, energy science
Brendan Wass 
Robert Wells-SchmidtQuality Control Chemist at Alpha Resins
Allison Wilburn 

Chemistry Majors - Class of 2013

What we are doing now

Erica Bennett 
Jordan BrandWayne State University, medical school
Daniel DuranceDetroit Mercy College, dental school
Michael FeliceWayne State University, medical school
Zehra HussainWayne State University, medical school
Christopher KruppeUniversity of Illinois, Chicago, chemistry
Kimberly LeverenzContinuing education in health sciences
Courtney Malpass 
Megan Moore 
Alex NannaScripps Research Institute, Florida, chemistry
Phu Khat Nwe Chemist at Ash Stevens
Mitchell PenderCornell University, biomedical engineering
Trevor PetersonMichigan State University, medical school
Elizabeth Petschar 
Guy QuanrudNew England University, Masters in chemistry
Jacob SchislerMidwestern University, Arizona, dental school
Krysta SchroederDes Moines University, Podiatry school
Christopher Scott 
Jeffrey Simon 
William Sturdavant 
Tai TranFresenius Co., Quality Control
Cassaundra WaunOregon State University, chemistry
Cody YothersUniversity of California, Davis, chemistry

Chemistry Majors - Class of 2015

What we are doing now

Paige Ankney 
Anna CieslakWilliam and Mary, Accounting Masters
Spencer Gibbs KibbeGap year working as a CNA in an emergency room
Chaney HathawayEmployment in Accounting
Austin LelleBrewery apprentice
Arianna Leonardi 
Joshua PenderUniversity of Texas at Austin for a PhD in chemistry
Alexander PoolGap year working as a CAN the medical school
Michelle Samson 
Stephanie SandersCornell U to pursue a PhD in physical materials chemistry
Michael TolkaczUniversity of Toledo Medical School
Nicholas WebsterBaylor College of Medicine
Allie Washabaugh2 years of research at U of Michigan in the surgery dept.
Evan YoungU of California, Davis, PhD in chemistry

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