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soar_logo_pms518_1245We are so excited you have decided to become a Briton and we can't wait to help you get started on this new journey. Our SOAR program will introduce you to life at Albion College, while ensuring that this is a seamless and enjoyable transition for you.

All New Students Must Attend SOAR

Each new student is required to attend one of the SOAR sessions in order to enroll for the fall semester. A parallel program is offered for parents/families but parent and family participation is optional.

Soar Registration

Important: please read the following guidelines carefully before registering.

Please log in to the Student Portal using your email address and the PIN provided to you via email by your admission counselor (please note, this is NOT your ACIS account credentials). Once you have logged in you may register for SOAR.

Register Now

If you've lost your PIN, you may reset it at: https://apply.albion.edu/account/reset. If you need help with your account credentials or have any other questions, please contact your admission counselor, or the Office of Admission by calling 800/858.6770, or via email at .

Student SOAR Registration Cost

There is no cost for each entering student participant. The student's lunch and other program expenses are covered by Albion College.

Parent/Family Registration & Cost

The participant fee for Parent/Family members is $10.00 per person and includes lunch and all program materials. Children under 12 may participate for $5.00. While we do ask that you register in advance, we do not accept pre-payment and ask that you pay your balance the day you arrive at your assigned SOAR program. Methods of payment acceptable on that day include cash, check, and credit card.

Special Note: Currently the online registration system will only register parents/family members residing at a single address (that address does not have to be the same as the student's address). If your family situation is such that parents/family members who will be attending SOAR reside at more than one address, please register one parent/or set of parents in the online enrollment form. When your online registration is complete, please contact the SOAR Program Office at 517/629-0433 or via email at to register those parents/family members who were not included with the online registration.

Special Physical and/or Dietary Needs

If the student or any member of the student's family who will be attending has special dietary or physical needs, please contact the SOAR Program Office at 517/629-0433, or via e-mail at . Lunch will have a vegetarian option.

Select a Session

All SOAR session requests will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis. New students will be asked to provide their first, second, and third choices for SOAR. Sessions will close as they reach capacity. Please do not assume that you will be placed in your first choice session (see registration confirmation below). However, the SOAR Program will do our best to match you to your highest preference, taking into account space availability.

Registration Confirmation

You will receive onscreen confirmation that your information has been submitted to the SOAR Program Office when you complete your online SOAR enrollment form. Once processed, an electronic confirmation detailing the actual session to which you have been assigned will be sent by email to both the SOAR student and the primary family member. That email will be followed by a hard copy confirmation which will be sent to you via U.S. mail. Most SOAR enrollments are processed within two days after being submitted. Please allow time for processing and delivery of your written confirmation by U.S. mail.

If you feel that you have not received a confirmation by mail in a timely manner, please contact the SOAR Program Office at 517/629-0433, or via e-mail at .

Register for SOAR