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For Sale and Lost and Found Groups

Information Technology manages Google Groups for use by current Albion College students, faculty and staff to post their personal items for sale or to list lost and found items. 

These groups are for current Albion College users only. If you missed your invitation to join either group, you may Apply for membership by visitng the links below and logging in with your Albion Gmail address and password. 

You will receive an email confirmation when your request to join has been approved.

For Sale group:

Lost and Found group:

Note: These groups are provided as a service for Albion College users and are not moderated.  Group members are solely responsible for the content of their posts. Albion College assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of any listing.



Facilities Operations Staff

Don Masternak 

Don Masternak
Director of Facilities



Sue Clark

Susan Clark
Purchasing Manager


Laura Ward-McDowell

Laura Ward-McDowell
Campus Services Supervisor


Bob Okerman

Bob Okerman
Maintenance Supervisor


Robert Eddy

Robert Eddy
Custodial Supervisor


Kellie Williamson

Kellie Williamson
Office Manager


Janice White

Janice White


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Key Policy


All regular faculty and staff.


Access to College facilities may be granted by issuance of keys and/or card access to designated individuals. Use, security and control of such items remain the responsibility of the designated individual until such time as they are returned. Administrative personnel will be given the necessary keys and/or card access to their assigned office and support service area. All faculty members will be issued keys and/or card access to their assigned office, laboratories and classrooms. Union employees will be issued keys and/or card access as needed to carry out their work assignments.

Any individual who is authorized by his or her supervisor to be in an assigned office, laboratory or classroom outside of normal working hours is entitled to one key and/or card access to open the exterior door of that building.

Campus Safety will normally open and close facilities for special functions. The issuing of keys and/or card access on a temporary basis to an employee for this purpose will require authorization from the appropriate President’s Administrative Council officer.

In general, students may not possess exterior door keys and/or card access to any academic or administrative building.  Exceptions to this must have approval from Campus Safety and the appropriate President’s Administrative Council officer.

The Facilities Operations department will have the responsibility to install, repair, maintain, and service locks, and well as creation of physical keys.  Information Technology will review and approve all key requests as appropriate, distribute keys, and keep inventory records of issued keys.

Residence hall keys will remain under the control of the Residential Life department. The Director of Residential Life will request keys as necessary using the "Key Request" form.

Departmental and individual mailbox keys are issued/monitored at the Campus Post Office.


Request for keys and/or card access shall be submitted to .  Such requests must be initiated by the Department Chair in academic areas or a Director level administrator in non-academic areas unless additional authorization is required by the responsible Vice President. The person to whom the keys are issued must visit the Helpdesk to sign for the keys.

Department chairs or director-level administrators may only approve access for their assigned building or area.

All keys issued must be returned to Human Resources at the time employment ends, or in the case of a departmental transfer.  New keys for the replacement person or transferred employee will be provided upon receipt of a fresh submission of a key request to

The Human Resources office shall provide these recovered keys back to Helpdesk in a timely manner.

Sub-contracted employees, such as ABM or Bon Appetit employees, who have been issued keys must turn those keys into the Director level administrator or Department Chair to whom their company reports.  That administrator or chair must then return the keys to Helpdesk in a timely manner.

Mailbox keys are issued at the Campus Post Office and are subject to a fee for lost/replacement keys.

Approved by President’s Administrative Council – February 2012

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