FERPA: The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act


The procedure for authorizing access into doors with keycard locks follows below.  Faculty and staff are encouraged to submit student authorization lists for the semester as soon as possible to .  Please note that a signed copy of all student authorizations also needs to be forwarded to the Office of Campus Safety. 

In an effort to make the process of staff and students obtaining access into doors with keycard locks, the e-mail address has been created. Requests to allow access into buildings and rooms and questions or problems with these locks should be to this address. The account is monitored by the Help Desk as well as Facilities staff and Campus Safety, so that the necessary encoding and programming may be completed as efficiently as possible.


The following is the procedure to be utilized by faculty and staff for authorizing students to have card key access to buildings and rooms after hours:

1)  Faculty/staff member e-mails request to authorizing student access after hours. A signed copy of the request must also be sent to Campus Safety.

2)  The authorization must include: name and student number for each student, room/office numbers into which student has access, and duration of authorization.  All authorizations normally expire at the end of each semester.

3)  IT and Facilities staff will complete the necessary data entries for each authorization, normally within five business days.  Due to the volume of requests, this may take longer at the beginning of the semester.  Students may contact Campus Safety to obtain access until the encoding and updating process has been completed.

4)  The requesting faculty or staff member will be sent an e-mail confirmation when the work has been completed.


Only Vice-Presidents or Department Heads may authorize staff members to have access to areas with key card locks. An e-mail detailing the name of the staff member needing access and the buildings and room numbers for which the particular staff member is to have access should be sent to . The request will then be handled as above

Heather Waldron

In a nutshell, what do you do?
I work in the Market Risk department which looks at Goldman's exposure to daily swings in the market. Within that department, I sit specifically in an infrastructure role that helps to streamline daily reporting.
Why do you love what you do?
After the 2008 economic crisis, a lot of emphasis has been put on risk management. It is nice to know that the work I am doing, is important to the company as a whole. I also love the big picture type of problem solving that I had the chance to work on to improve the efficiency of daily tasks.
How did Albion help you get there?
Albion gave me a lot of extracurricular opportunities along with a strong academic background.I think that was very important in teaching me time management, prioritization, and overall "project juggling." With such a small school, I have also had several chances to practice my communication skills including public speaking, interacting with groups, and writing.
For me, Albion…
…was a wonderful balance of academics and extracurriculars that have made me a well-rounded and educated student ready to enter the workforce. Getting involved is the best way to experience Albion.
Anything else you'd like to add?
Go Brits!

Take It Further: Economics and Management, Gerstacker Institute, Communication Studies, Wall Street Summer: Waldron, '14, Interns with Goldman Sachs

Dress Code

Scope: Office Staff

Standard Office Attire:

Office staff employees are expected to dress appropriately every day for departmental activities and also for interaction with current students, alumni and guests. Area vice presidents are authorized to require specific professional attire for individual departments and offices.

Dress Down Fridays:

Office staff employees are permitted to wear casual attire (including clean, not torn jeans or other casual pants) that is appropriate for the work place. Departments may require standard office attire on Fridays if they deal extensively with the public, and departments with professional activities on specific Fridays may require standard office attire.

Mega Dress Down:

Throughout the academic year office staff employees may be permitted to wear casual attire on days other than Fridays. These days are typically during academic breaks (fall, semester, and spring breaks) and announced by the Human Resources Office. Departments with extensive public contact and departments with professional activities on a Mega Dress Down day may require standard office attire.

It is generally not appropriate to wear clothing promoting other colleges and universities to work and preferable to wear Albion College gear. Flip-flops, sweat pants, shorts, warm-up pants and baseball caps are not allowed. (Coaches are not covered by this policy.)

President’s Administrative Council approved 2/2013

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