2006-07 Season

Show   Date   Director
Major Barbara by George Bernard Shaw   Sept. 27-30, 2006 Royal Ward
Workshop Theatre (Student directed)
God by Woody Allen
Oct. 12-14, 2006
Ben Hardin
Red Herring by Michael Hollinger   Nov. 15-18, 2006 Robert Starko
Fiddler on the Roof by Joseph Stein   Feb. 28-March 3, 2007 Jennifer Chapman
Workshop Theatre (Student Directed)
The Proposal by Anton Chekhov
It's People Like You by student Jason Sebacher
The Class by Jon Jory
Summer at the Lake by Tennessee Williams
  March 22-24, 2007

Forrest Hutchins
Alysia Kolacz
Alysia Kolacz
Keith Medelis
Nurse Jane Goes to Hawaii by Allan Stratton   April 11-14, 2007 Mark Hoffland
Spring Dance Performance   April 25-29, 2007 Melissa Blair Wyss