Physics Department seminars are held on Fridays from 2:15 - 3:20 pm in Norris 102 on the Albion College campus. The public is invited to attend.

Fall 2016 Physics Seminar Series

Sept. 9, 2016 Meet your Faculty: David Seely & Phil Voss
Sept. 16, 2016 Student Summer Research: J. Butler,  L. Chernysheva
Sept. 23, 2016 Student Summer Research: J. Lhamon, B. Good

Sept. 30, 2016

October 7, 2016

October 14, 2016

October 28, 2016

Troy Kase: Career & Internship

Advising: Plan your courses

Robert "Bob" Armitage, '70

Tim Rambo (Class of 2009)

November 4, 2016  TBA
November 11, 2016  Paul Dixon: Inernships at LANL
November 18, 2016  Andrew Sharp (Class of 2010)
December 2, 2016  Physics 291 Students


Fall 2015 Physics Seminar Series

September 25th TBA
October 2nd Stephanie Norwood, '17
October 9th TBA

October 16th

October 23rd

October 30th

November 6th

Josh Cassada, '95, The Road to the Space Station and Beyond!

Elmer Lee, Caster Concepts. Entrepreneurial Engineering - Engineering Lessons from a Startup!

Field Trip to Caster Concepts


 November 13th  Lesley Simanton, '09, The Star Clusters of Spiral Galaxy M101
 November 20th  TBA
 December 4th  TBA

Fall 2014 Physics Seminar Series

October 10th Samantha Strasser, '11: Two Test of Cold Temps.
October 17th Nicolle Zellner
October 24th Aaron Miller, '95: Quantum Opus - A Case Study of Albion Entrepreneurship

October 31st

November 14th

November 21st

December 5th

Jack Minor

Lindsay Ciastko and Jim Davidson - Astronomy Research

Internship Opportunities at Phymouth Technologies

291 Presentations - Matt Prosniewski & Mario Hermina


Spring 2014 Physics Seminar Series

January 20th Dr. Aaron Miller, How Quantum Mechanics Can Answer Questions that are never asked.
February 7th Dr. Zach Constan, "95, A Supernova in the Lab: Nuclear Research at NSCL
February 14th TBA
February 21st Justin Foley, Next Generation Solar Cells and Infrared Imaging
February 28th Dr. Nicolle Zellner, Look out.......above?
March 28th Dr. Nicolle Zellner, Alvan Clark: the Man, the Telescope, the Myth!


April 11th Dr. David Seely, Laboratory measurements of change exhange in collisions of highly charged ions with H and other gases.
April 24th 25th Elkin R Isaac Student Research Symposium

Fall 2013 Physics Seminar Series

August 30th Introduction to Physics Faculty
September 9th Dr. Aaron Miller, Quantum Cryptography
September 20th Dr. Khaled Myanmneh, Lurie Nanofabrication Facility, U of M
September 27th David Anderson, WWII Technology for Artillery
October 4th                  Dr. Nicolle Zellner, To the Moon!  What we know and why we should go back.
October 11 Homecoming: Norma J. Taber, Liberal Arts and Engineering, what you know that ain't so.
October 18th                  Fall Break
October 25th Dr. Dr. Nicolle Zellner, Pre-Advising
November                   1st Mallory Traxler, Research Talk
November 8th Brandan Walters,'10, U of M PhD student. Augmentation of Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Derived Cardiomyocyte Organization and Phenotype Using Fibroblast Co-Culture and Mechanical Stimulation.
November    15th               David Anderson, A Nobel Prize has been Awarded because the LHC Discovered the Higgs?  A Translation of Modern Hight Energy Physics.
November 22nd Open
December 6th                 Student Presentations
Winter Break!



Spring 2013 Physics Seminar Series

February 1 Dr. Dave Seely, "Pros and Cons of Nuclear Power"
February 8 Dr. Darren Mason, "Unusual Behavior in a Rubber Cube"
February 15 Dr. Rachel Maitra, "Physics Is Warped: Why Geometry Is Behind All Fundamental Forces of Nature"
February 22 Dr. Zach Constan, '95, "A Supernova in the Lab: Nuclear Science at NSCL"


Fall 2012 Physics Seminar Series

August 31

Dr. Dave Seely, Introduction

September 7

Dr. Nicolle Zellner, "Astronomical Walkabout: Research (and other stuff) in Australia"

September 14

Kelsi Blauvelt '13, "LabVIEW Programming & Instrument Interfacing at NASA JPL"
Olivia Eggenberger '13, "The Efficiency of Microfluidic Devices Over Time"

September 21

Kenneth Sowerwine, "Transition into Engineering and Engineering Internships"

September 28

Dr. Dave Seely, "Studies of Charge Transfer in Low Energy Ion-Atom Collisions at Oak Ridge National Laboratory"

October 5

Joy Achuonjei, Columbia University, "Combined Plan Engineering Program at Columbia University"

October 12

Josh Cassada, '95 (2012 Distinguished Alumni Award honoree), "The Higgs Boson: The Last Piece of the Standard Model"

October 19

Kelsey Morgan, University of Wisconsin, "X-ray Astronomy with Low Temperature Detectors and Sounding Rockets"

October 26

Dr. Charles Moreau, Advising

November 2

Dave Seely, Summer Research Opportunities

November 9

Jenny Tobin, '03 - "My Work as a Nuclear Regulator (and How I got Here!)"

November 16

Larry Molnar, Calvin College, "Collisional History of the Asteroid Belt for Fun and Profit"

November 23

Thanksgiving, no seminar

November 30

Lesley Simanton, '09

December 7

Last day of classes, student reports