Program Admission

(Note: The following is subject to change per curricular and programmatic revision.)

The Albion College Athletic Training Program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education Programs through 2018-19.

  1. Application overview

    1. Admission to the program requires an application process separate from admission to Albion College. Students are encouraged to apply to the program during their First or Sophomore year. The program can be completed in a minimum of 6 semesters given that appropriate required college core courses have been taken and that clinical experiences can be obtained. It is important to note that the number of students in the athletic training major is limited based on national accreditation standards. These standards consider the college's athletic training facilities, available clinical assignments and number of approved preceptors. Conditional admission to the athletic training major is, therefore, competitive based on an objective point system and other criteria.
    2. It should be noted that there is a 900 hour clinical requirement for all athletic training students that must be met over the course of a minimum of 5 semesters. While students majoring in Athletic Training may play one intercollegiate sport, these individuals must be aware that attaining the 900 clinical requirement is made more difficult because of time spent playing their sport. Students participating in sports should realize that they may be expected to complete some program requirements during the summer, in an extra fall semester, or during their athletic season if appropriate progress is not attained.

  2. Application procedures
      1. Candidates are considered for admission to the AT program by submitting the listed Application Materials by the first Monday in March, with acceptances determined by the third Wednesday in March, approximately one week before class registration.
  3. Application Materials
      1. A completed pdfApplication Form
        1. This includes reporting of high school GPA and college GPA, if applicable
      2. 3 letters of reference. pdfReference forms
      3. 15 hours of observation time in the Albion College athletic training environment
        1. These hours are scheduled through the AT program faculty.
      4. **All application forms and materials can be obtained by contacting the program director, Dr. Robert Moss, or by down loading them off of the AT program website.

    1. Interview

      1. The application must be received by the AT program faculty by the appropriate deadline. Qualified candidates will then be invited to sit for an interview with the AT program faculty. This interview will also include an opportunity for the candidate to demonstrate his or her taping skills.
      2. pdfSample Interview questions for admission

    1. Acceptance to the AT Program

      1. Students must score 80% or better on the objective point system, based on the admission materials and interview. The top students will then be ranked and admitted based on available space.
      2. pdfSample Objective admission scoring form
      3. At the current time the major can handle about 24 to 30 active students, with the goal of having 10 to 12 conditional admission students and 8 to 10 sophomores, juniors and seniors . Students may appeal any aspect of the admission process by following the academic appeal process at Albion College or contacting the program director.

    1. Conditional Status

      1. Students are conditionally admitted to the program until the following requirements are met:
        1. Pass KIN 213 Athletic Training: Injury Prevention and Treatment with a minimum grade of a 2.7
        2. Pass KIN 233 Human Gross Anatomy with a minimum grade of 2.7
        3. Pass a pre-admittance physical examination form
        4. Submit a copy of health insurance information
        5. Satisfy the Technical standards form
        6. Have up to date Hepatitis B vaccination or a signed waiver Hepatitis B waiver form
        7. Have up to date TB screening
      2. Transfer studentsmust abide by all of the admission criteria mentioned on this page. Courses may transfer if approved by the registrar and the AT program director. Because of the unique aspects of each transfer student it is highly recommended that each potential transfer student that is interested in the AT program contact the AT program director before applying to Albion College.
      3. Additional costs of the program include transportation to off-site clinical experiences. These are usually scheduled during the junior or senior year. Other additional costs are optional and include the purchase of clothing and paying for expenses at conferences. While students are encouraged to attend various conferences, these are considered to be optional as the students are not required to attend conferences and purchase extra clothing. Note that the program will pay for some clothing, some expenses at conferences, and liability insurance.

    1. Albion College Diversity/Discrimination Statement

      1. A liberal arts education, by definition, should liberate minds. This process is enhanced in a community that is committed to educational equity, diversity and unrestricted inquiry. Therefore, we seek to foster an environment of mutual respect, acceptance, appreciation and caring for all members of our community. To this end, Albion College condemns all forms of discrimination and harassment, while reaffirming our commitment to academic free speech. We also commit ourselves to the recruitment and retention of both women and minority faculty, staff and students, the integration of cultural diversity in the curriculum, and the development of a truly inclusive multicultural campus environment.

    1. Retention criteria for maintaining active status

      1. Cumulative minimum GPA of 2.7 (with no course work below a 2.0) in:
        1. KIN 194 Intro to Clinical Lab (.5 units)
        2. KIN 213 Athletic Injury: Prevention & Treatment (1 unit)
        3. KIN 233 Human Gross Anatomy (1 unit)
        4. KIN 244 Lower Extremity Assessment (1 unit)
        5. KIN 254 Therapeutic Rehabilitation (1 unit)
        6. KIN 290 Clinical Lower Extremity Assessment (.25 units)
        7. KIN 295 Clinical Rehabilitation (.25 units)
        8. KIN 344 Upper Extremity Assessment (1 unit)
        9. KIN 353 Athletic Training Administration (.5 units)
        10. KIN 354 Therapeutic Modalities (1 unit)
        11. KIN 390 Clinical Upper Extremity Assessment (.25 units)
        12. KIN 395 Clinical Modalities (.25 units)
        13. KIN 401 Athletic Training Senior Seminar (.5 units)
        14. KIN 453 Medical Conditions (.5 units)
        15. KIN 494 Colloquium in Athletic Training (.25 units)
      2. Minimum grade of 2.0 in:
        1. KIN 211 Anatomy and Kinesiology (1 unit)
        2. KIN 240 Sports Nutrition (.5 units)
        3. KIN 310 Research and Statistics in Kinesiology (1 unit)
        4. KIN 369 Applied Human Physiology (1 unit)
        5. KIN 379 Exercise Physiology (1 unit)
      3. Certified in CPR and First Aid before the beginning of the fall subsequent to admission to the program.
      4. Pass a yearly pre-participation physical examination.
      5. Satisfy the technical standards on a yearly basis.
      6. Have up to date Hepatitis B and TB vaccinations or a signed waiver.
      7. Have all health insurance up to date.

    1. Academic requirements

      1. Academic requirements and pre-requisites include 14.75 units in kinesiology, including the following: KINs 194, 211, 213, 233, 240, 244, 254, 290, 295, 310, 344, 353, 354, 369, 379, 390, 395, 401, 453, and 494. All courses for the major must be taken for a numerical grade.
      2. The following cognate is required:
        1. Psychology 101.
        2. 900 hours of clinical education that must be met over a minimum of 5 semesters.

    1. Application Forms

      1. pdfApplication form
      2. pdfATEP_Reference_forms.pdf
      3. pdfPhysical examination form
      4. pdfHepatitis B waiver form
      5. pdfTechnical standards form
      6. pdfSample Interview questions for admission
      7. pdfSample Objective admission scoring form

    1. If you cannot download the acrobat reader application forms please call Robert Moss, PhD, ATC at 517-629-0548 or e-mail him to obtain forms.