What you’ll study.

Explore the ways that societies have organized themselves. Immerse yourself in their interactions, from the earliest times to the present. Choose from European, United States, Asian, African, or Latin American history, and add special themes that transcend geographical and chronological boundaries. Majors and minors.

What you’ll do.

Work with faculty members who have been selected for their ability to help you work through critical historical issues. And experience those issues firsthand through relevant off-campus opportunities, internships, and compelling research. Find out more.

Where you’ll go.

You'll be an effective citizen in today's interdependent world, with a keen appreciation of long-range trends. Your analytical and writing skills can take you into fields like forecasting, education, public service, and journalism. If you're planning for graduate work in history, we recommend advanced course work in at least one foreign language and the completion of a thesis. Potential career paths.

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