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The Whitehouse Nature Center is currently caring for hives being kept on the property. They are standard top-bar hives that house Italian honeybees. The student-led Albion College Beekeeping Club, along with Nature Center Director David Green, cares for the hives throughout the year.

It is our hope to soon add more "natural" hive structures that are most sustainable and bee-friendly, using swarms obtained via extermination calls.

5th  Annual Albion Bee School

Albion College has a bee club that helps care for hives at Whitehouse Nature Center.Saturday, Feb. 27, 2016, 9 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Two sets of classes…

  • Beginner classes for those just starting
  • NEW - Intermediate classes for those who have already established a hive

Classes will cover the natural history of the honeybee, how to set up and care for a hive, handling/ordering bees, bee pests/parasites, splits and more. Meet local bee vendors for supplies and support. All classes are taught by experienced beekeepers.

Pre-registration is $40.00 per participant. Special pricing for students 17 and under. Lunch and refreshments are included.

 To register or for more information contact David Green, Whitehouse Nature Center director, at or call 517/629-0582.


Albion College's Whitehouse Nature Center maintains standard top-bar hives that house Italian honeybees.

Albion College Beekeeping Club

The Albion College Beekeeping Club is a student-led organization supported by the Whitehouse Nature Center. Its mission is to spread awareness of bee-related environmental issues throughout the campus and community. Beekeeping Club members are in charge of maintaining the hives located at the Whitehouse Nature Center and for hosting educational events on campus.

Program Opportunities and Resources

Dahlem Nature Center
Jackson, Mich.

Kalamazoo Bee Club
Kalamazoo, Mich.

Birthday Parties

Consider the Whitehouse Nature Center as a fun and educational alternative for your next birthday party.

If you're looking for a wild way to celebrate your child's birthday this year, look no further than the Whitehouse Nature Center!

All parties include an hourlong program with a trained naturalist that includes games, a hike, guest goody bags, and a live animal presentation, as well as access to our interpretive center (home to more than a dozen live animals) for self-provided cake and presents.

Contact David Green at 517/629-0582 to schedule a party today!

Personalized Parties

Choose from one of our pre-created parties or tell us your child's interests and we'll create a personalized program!

Tails and Scales (Reptiles)

Millions of years ago dinosaurs inhabited the earth, and now you can meet some of their modern relatives up close and personal! Your guests will learn all about these fascinating reptiles and even get the chance to touch a live snake!

River Birthday

Your birthday guests will love using nets, jars, and magnifying glasses to discover who lives in the Kalamazoo River! Insects, minnows, frogs, and crayfish all call this river home. After exploring, your guests will meet several native species up close.

Insects and Butterflies

Does your birthday child love all things "creepy" and crawly? Celebrate his or her birthday by checking out a real beehive and mealworm colony! Go exploring for native insects and butterflies and then meet some animals up close that call these insects "lunch."

Pioneer Life

Learn about what it was like living as a pioneer in Michigan, make sustainable crafts such as pioneer "lightbulb" candles, and meet some of the creatures that pioneers were likely to encounter face to face!

Birthday Guidelines to Keep in Mind:

  • Maximum per party is 20 children plus chaperones.
  • Party cost is $70.
  • Have kids wear secure name tags for the duration of their visit as well as clothing that is appropriate for the weather.
  • In the event of unforeseen circumstances, the staff may have to change the party format.
  • Please provide your own food, cake, and decorations. Getting here an hour early to set up is a great idea.
  • Come ready to have fun and learn about the natural world!


Volunteer at the Nature Center.The Whitehouse Nature Center depends on generous help from volunteers who contribute time, materials, or money to the many phases of the Center's operation: leading tours, trail maintenance, habitat development, through the donation of plant materials, and educational publications.

The Center is always happy to receive inquiries form persons and groups interested in volunteer service.


  • Outdoor/environmental education: teaching/assisting classes; internships
  • Align programs with the state of Michigan's Educational Standards and Expectations
  • Special event planning and conducting


  • Composting: vermicomposting
  • Wildlife management: species inventory; nesting/roosting box program; habitat improvement
  • Water management: rain-barrel workshop; rain garden
  • Land management: invasive species removal; prairie management; tree planting and care; trails
  • Beekeeping: Honey and Hives (future program)
  • Raptor Care: (future program)

Educational Workshops

  • Naturalist training for summer programming
  • Project Wild, Aquatic Wild, Project Learning Tree

Outdoor Ethics

Butterfly weed at Whitehouse Nature Center

Butterfly weed

Although the Whitehouse Nature Center encourages all to participate in its educational and passive recreational offerings, certain activities detract from its intended purpose and mission.

The following activities are not permitted in the Center:

  • Hunting
  • Fire-building
  • Camping
  • Horseback riding
  • Bicycling
  • Unleashed dogs
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Radios
  • Picking of plants
  • Removal of any natural objects (living or not)
  • Motorized vehicles of any type

Team running is discouraged due to the disruption to the wildlife and quiet setting.

Remember, the Nature Center is your place to enjoy, not destroy; to linger, not litter. Thank you!

Please see the Hours page for trail and Visitor Center hours of operation.

To report violations

Albion College Campus Safety: 517-629-1234

Nature Center Director: 517-629-0582

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