Economics and Management Major

In Economics and Management: We Mean BUSINESS

The Albion College Economics and Management (E&M) Department provides students with business knowledge, skills, and experiences to succeed in college, a career, and in life.  Economics and Management graduates are tomorrow’s business leaders.

We offer courses that will prepare students for careers in:

  • Economics
  • Management
  • Mathematics/Economics
  • International Business & Economics
  • Marketing
  • Human Resources
  • General Business

Our majors are prepared to enter careers in the field of business upon graduation.

We address both the immediate application of problem-solving techniques and the conceptual basis for those techniques. Our curriculum includes more economic theory than is typical in undergraduate business programs, providing solid preparation for those who aspire to attend a selective M.B.A. program or to advance into jobs requiring strong analytical skills.

We also offer more courses related to business than is typical in undergraduate economics programs, making Albion College a top choice for students who want to experience a small liberal arts college environment while also improving their prospects for a good job in business immediately after graduation.

Additional information on the Economics and Management major can be found in this pdfprogram flyer (PDF).