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Pre-Vet View: Darby Williams, '16, on Her Sydney Semester

Darby Williams, '16
From Sydney, the biology major writes, "Day three of my internship: Euthanizing a pigeon with a broken wing. What did I sign up for and why are they trusting me with this experienced task? A week earlier, I jumped out of a plane over the Great Barrier Reef. Sitting on the edge of a plane and suddenly flying through the air at 10,000 feet is definitely something you do not experience every day."

Myers, '15, Explores Health-Care Innovation at MidMichigan Health

Matt Myers
"Hospitals that stay the most current with the changing industry are also the most successful," writes Matt Myers, '15, who completed an internship this summer at MidMichigan Health's MidMichigan Medical Center-Gratiot. "Much of this innovation comes from large multibillion-dollar, urban-based institutions. The issue at hand [at Gratiot] is to provide quality care to a rural community faced with different medical needs."

Albion-Connected Shark Research Lurks in Major Exhibit

Earth Explorers exhibit at Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry
An exhibit sponsored by National Geographic running through September 1 at Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry includes a mention of findings from a 2002 research paper on multiple paternity in nurse sharks co-authored by biology professors Jeff Carrier and Ken Saville as well as alumni Andrea Lindley Caplea, '99, and Nora Maries, '00. Carrier, now professor emeritus, says it remains "the only systematic study of mating behavior and reproduction of any shark species anywhere in the world."

A Morning Routine for the Birds: Kara Bowers’ FURSCA Experience

Kara Bowers, '15
When and why does a female house wren leave her nest? Is it the first hint of sunlight? Is it a response to the male dawn chorus? Through her research this summer with professors Dale Kennedy and Doug White at the Whitehouse Nature Center, the rising senior, biology major, and two-sport student-athlete hopes to find answers to these questions and others.

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