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Malus, '15, Does Bronze Age Dental Detective Work in India

Tori Malus, '15
Tori Malus, ’15, participated in some fascinating detective work this past summer—work that is providing new insights into the agricultural practices of Bronze Age people of the Indus Civilization, in what is now India. Her research experience working alongside Albion anthropology professor Brad Chase also has solidified her plan to pursue a career in forensic medicine after graduation.

Anthropologist Dissects Wall Street Culture for Yinger Lecture

ALB-130x110  0009 Shield
For the wheelers and dealers on Wall Street, "What were they thinking during the meltdown?" is answered from an anthropologist's viewpoint Monday, February 25, at 7:30 p.m. in Albion College's Bobbitt Auditorium. This presentation by the University of Minnesota's Karen Ho serves as the College's 2013 Yinger Lecture.

Melzer Offers Insight After Connecticut School Tragedy

Scott MelzerScott Melzer, associate professor of sociology, wrote an opinion piece in the days after the Newtown, Conn., school-shooting tragedy titled "A History of Violence" for The Conversation blog on The Chronicle of Higher Education's website. Melzer, who also serves as chair of Albion's Department of Anthropology and Sociology, is the author of the 2009 book Gun Crusaders: The NRA's Culture War, and was featured in the 2011 HBO documentary "Gun Fight."

Read Melzer's piece on The Chronicle's website

The End of the World as We Know It: Albion Professors Dissect '12/21'

A Mayan "Earth Lord" depicted on a clay incense burner used in religious observances. The pot was made and used around 1500 CE and was collected from a sacred cave in the Maya region in Mexico by Albion alumnus Marvin Vann, '40. The pot is part of Albion College's Vann collection of pre- and post-Columbian artifacts and ethnographic research.It's not a news flash, say Albion physics professor Nicolle Zellner and anthropology professor Brad Chase: the world will not end on December 21, 2012. The pair recently teamed up for a public presentation of how research and science make the case for December 22, this year and years to come.

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