Barcheski, '83, Provides Example of Alumni Networking

Dan Barcheski, '83
While technology has changed the way Dan Barcheski, ’83, leads Axios, the company he founded to deliver employment solutions to small and mid-sized companies 25 years ago, the importance of personal networking has remained constant.

That’s why he approached his management team to see if there was an internship available when he learned that current Albion junior Brett McCarty was looking for professional work experience.

Duncan Turns Vision Into Reality By Launching Student Venture

Dennis Duncan, '13, is turning a vision into a reality as he prepares to launch Macho Taco, his student venture, for an eight-week run when Albion College students return from spring break.

Albion Students Invited to Governor's Economic Summit

Albion College seniors Heather Waldron, Paige Narins, and Lauren Wysocki are invited to be part of the Governor's Economic Summit on March 18-19 in Detroit. All three women will participate in regional Young Talent Panel sessions along with attending the general summit.

Mallory Brown, '08, Extends World Clothes Line with African Excursion

Mallory Brown, '08, was in the Republic of Sudan when U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens was killed in neighboring Libya. "I was in Khartoum and the Sudanese people were protesting outside the embassy. I decided I should tell people I was Australian," she said. It was unavoidable, however, that Brown frequently had to show people her U.S. passport as she moved about the city. "Every time someone saw I was American, they told me, 'I'm going to make sure you're safe,'" she recalled. "I was never threatened and I never felt in danger. I was basically escorted across Africa by Africans, who just took it upon themselves to help me."

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