The importance of practice

Success in anything comes with practice. To develop a confident interview style, you are advised to practice in a "risk-free" atmosphere. You can practice in front of a mirror or in front of a friend, but serious practice will reap benefits before an interview.

The Career and Internship Center offers several resources to help you gain interviewing experience and to help you develop strategies for relating your past experiences to employers. The Career Resource Library has several books and resources on interviewing. Access to potential questions, in conjunction with your background research, will allow you to have meaningful practice sessions.

Consider scheduling an appointment in the Career and Internship Center for a mock interview. Students who have done this tell us it is very beneficial to their comfort level and confidence. Don't forget the faculty at Albion. Mock interviews with experts in the field is also extremely beneficial.

As you consider how to respond to potential interview questions, your objective should be to have responses which are thoughtful, persuasive, and illustrated by example, as well as to successfully articulate how you will contribute to the organization and what you seek from the job.

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