CIEE - Koc University-Istanbul, Turkey

Subjects: Archaeology, Art History, Biological Sciences, Business, Chemistry, Economics, Engineering, History, International Relations, Literature, Mathematics, Philosophy, Physics, Psychology and Sociology.

Pre-requisites: 2.75 GPA, Junior or senior standing, demonstrated maturity.

Length: Semester or Academic year.

Credit: 15 semester, 30 Academic year.

Housing: Residential Housing on Koc University campus.

Costs: Tuition , housing and insurance, Meals are not included.

Faculty Advisor:: Mark Soileau, Faculty Religious Studies email:

Comments: Koc University is a private, medium sized university with approximately 3800 undergraduate and graduate students. the campus is on located on a beautiful hillside campus overlooking the Black Sea. Istanbul is a multi-cultural city that spans two continents and is a unique blend of East and West culture. Classes are taught in English, however it is a program requirement that students must enroll in a Turkish language course.

Program Director: Adam Rubin
Enrollment Officer: Victoria Fletcher

Web Page: