CIEE- Ferrara, Italy - University of Ferrara

Subjects: Intense Italian course, business, economics, history, gender studies, political science.

Prerequisites: 2.75 GPA
Requires 0-3 years of Italian.

Length: Fall or Spring semester

Credit: Up to 4.0 Albion units per semester, depending on course work chosen. CIEE classes are generally 3 semester hours (.75 Albion units) and so students often take 5 classes to equal 3.75 Albion units.

Faculty: Regular university faculty. A resident director supervises the program.

Housing: Apartment with other students within Ferrara city limits.

Costs not covered by Albion: Transportation to/from Ferrara; textbooks; food; miscellaneous personal and vacation expenses.

Faculty Advisor: TBD

Comments: Ferrara is a beautiful city 1.5 hours away from Florence and Venice. Trips, leisure time, and tourism are available for students as well as great academic opportunities. As a student, you will have ample opportunity to learn Italian and meet people in the Italian communities.

Ms. Catharine Scruggs, Program Officer
7 Custom House Street
3rd Floor
Portland, ME 04101
On Site Director:
Richard Chapman
via Carlos Duran 22
Ponte Gradella (FE)
44030 Ferrera, Italy

Toll free: 1-800-40-STUDY
Telephone: (207) 553-7600
Fax: (207) 553-7699