EPA-Brussels, Belgium

Subjects: During the Fall and Spring semesters, students take two academic courses along with the internship. (Students on the Summer program take only the internship and no courses.) Business, Law, Media, Gallery internships and Brussels students take courses at Vesalius College, the undergraduate English-language division of the Vrije Universiteit Brussels (VUB). The campus is located 20 minutes from the European Parliament. Students have access to all the facilities of the Vrije Universiteit including the library and computer resources. European Parliament interns also have access to the European Parliament library.

Prerequisites: 3.0 GPA; junior-level standing; demonstrated maturity.

Length: Fall / Spring Semester or Summer (internship only)

Credit: 4 Albion College units (two one-unit courses plus a two-unit internship). 1 unit of credit for an internship equals a minimum of 120 working hours. 2 units of credit for an internship equals a minimum of 300 working hours. Summer program offers one unit of internship credit only.

Faculty: The courses are taught at Vesalius College.

Housing: Most students live in shared apartments in Brussels, splitting the rent and associated costs, although a very limited number of home stays are available.

Costs not covered by Albion: Round trip airfare to Belgium; board (approximately $500/month); local and vacation travel; transportation in Brussels, miscellaneous personal expenses.

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