CIEE-Nanjing University, Chinese Studies

Subjects: Peking University: [Semester]: Advanced Track: Mandarin Chinese, contemporary Chinese culture, contemporary Chinese literature, classical Chinese literature. Intermediate Track: Mandarin Chinese and Chinese culture. [Summer]: Mandarin Chinese. Nanjing University: Mandarin Chinese

Prerequisites: Variable by program (minimum of one year of college-level Mandarin for Beijing and Nanjing). Basic prerequisites include a 2.75 GPA ( junior-level standing, demonstrated maturity.

Length: Beijing: fall or spring semester, academic year, summer

Credit: Students may earn approximately 15 semester hours credit per semester or 3.75 units (four semester hours = one Albion College unit).

Housing: University housing for foreign students, sometimes with Chinese roommates.

Costs not covered by Albion: Round trip airfare and personal expenses. Students at Taipei are responsible for their meals, but they do not pay Albion College board.

Comments: Students can select an appropriate study opportunity from these four major universities. Curricular offerings and length of study varies with each option. It is possible to continue from one program to another, thus spending an academic year at two different universities.

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