SIT-Republic of Ghana

Subjects: All students in the program will take an intensive language study course in Fante (the local language), a history and cultures of the African Disapora seminar, a field study seminar and will then be required to conduct an independent study project on the local culture.

Prerequisites: 2.7 GPA and at least second-semester sophomore status

Credits: 4.0 Albion units

Housing: Students will be provided with a homestay

Cost: Same as Albion College room and board fees. Additional expenses include transportation to the program, books, local travel and personal expenses.

Faculty Advisor: Emmanuel Yewah, Professor of French and Comparative Cultural Studies email:

Comments: The History and Cultures of the African Diaspora program in Ghana provides an excellent opportunity for students to learn about the trans-Atlantic slave trade and its effects on the world today. There will also be several field trips including trips to the coastal beaches and rural villages of Ghana.

Phone: (802)-258-3519