Development and Social Change

Courses: Intensive Language Study, French, Field Study Seminar, History, Geography, and Politics

Requirements: 3 recent semesters in college level French, and the ability to follow coursework in French as assessed by SIT.

Length: Semester 12 weeks

Credits: 16

Housing: Homestay, Five weeks in Yaounde', two weeks in Ngaounde're and one week in a rural setting. Other accomodations include hostels, private homes and small hotels.

Faculty Advisor: Dr.Emmanuel Yewah, 105 Vulgamore Hall, ext. 0314,

Comments: This central African nation is home to more than 200 ethnic groups and even more languages and dialects. Famous for its folklore, art and diverse environments Cameroon is a nation striving to hold on to cultural heritage and diversity in the face of globalization and pressing socioeconomic needs.