Academic Credit

Academic and internship credit for off-campus programs on the list of programs approved for Albion credit will transfer back to the campus as if the student were on campus.  Usually, the equivalent of 4.0 units of credit per semester and 8.0 units of credit per academic year will apply.  However, some programs may have more or less credit.  The OCP handbook contains information  about credit for each program. All OCPs are done for credit. That is, non-credit (auditor) work is not allowed except in addition to the full time load of the program.

Other particulars about credit:

  • All courses taken off campus are recorded on Albion's numerical grade basis, unless the student specifically requests grades of credit/no credit. Students need to submit this request in writing to the Registrar's office no later than two weeks after the first day of classes on their program. If students do not notify the Registrar's office in writing of their intention to take classes on a credit/no credit basis, their course work will be graded numerically. Students should keep a copy of all appropriate requests and authorizations.
  • Normally, all off-campus programs carry course loads of three to four units each semester. If there is an opportunity to register for over 4 .50 units, the student must have a cumulative grade point average of 3.3.  Exceptions to this requirement will require approval from the Petitions Committee.
  • All internships are graded credit/no credit. The CIE only offers academic non-paid internships
  • Students should not plan to complete core requirements while attending an off-campus program unless they obtain written authorization from the Registrar.
  • For category requirements, the chair of the appropriate category committee must approve an off-campus program course for that category requirement.  You should petition the category committee for approval before you attend the program.  If you find you must substitute a new course for the one approved by the committee, you must notify the committee and request approval for the new course.
  • Successful completion of an off-campus program abroad (or the Border Studies program) for at least one semester with a study abroad journal turned in to the Director of CIE fulfills the Global Studies category requirement.
  • Drop and Add - If students change classes after returning the schedule of classes to the Registrar, they must notify the Registrar of the change, in writing.
  • If a student withdraws from the off-campus program before the completion of the semester, the student will be expected to notify, in writing, the Office of Student Life, the Director of the CIE, and the Registrar some fees may apply.
  • Courses taken off campus that are to be applied toward a major must be approved, in writing on the off-campus programs application, by the department chair. The student should turn in a copy of this approval to the Registrar's office.
  • Courses for your major or the education program must be taken for a grade unless written permission is obtained from the department chair.
  • Students returning from an off-campus program must complete a post-program evaluation form to receive credit for their off-campus study.
  • Off-campus semesters are not considered when determining eligibility for Dean's List and/or Albion Fellows.
  • Participating in an off-campus program during the last semester of the senior year may delay graduation.
  • Students who fail to follow College procedures regarding off-campus study, or who withdraw or take a leave of absence from Albion and thus circumvent existing College regulations regarding off-campus study, will not receive credit for coursework done off campus.

Thus, a student attending either a program on the list of programs approved for Albion credit or a program approved on a one-time-only basis, must attend the program as an Albion student to receive credit.

A transcript of your courses and grades must be sent by the host institution to Albion's CIE Director.  The transcript is retained as part of your permanent record. At your request, a copy may be included with your Albion transcript as part of graduate school applications, etc., if the host institution is unable to send another transcript within the prescribed time.