Academic Qualifications

A. Criteria

To study off-campus, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Junior standing or higher by the time you participate in the program.
  • A cumulative G.P.A. of at least 2.7. Some programs require a level of preparation and a demonstrated proficiency well above a cumulative grade point average of 2.7. Check with the CIE.
  • Good social standing, as defined by the vice-president for student affairs and dean of students.
  • Successful completion of the Writing Competency Examination by the time you participate in the program.
  • Demonstrated maturity commensurate with the demands of the OCP.

Particular OCPs may have more stringent requirements or may require special course preparation. In these cases, the program requirements become the minimum requirements. To be approved for off-campus study, you must demonstrate in your written application that you have thought carefully about what you want to do, and that your proposed off-campus program is connected in some meaningful way with your degree work at Albion. This does not necessarily mean a direct connection with work in your major field of study. By the time you submit your formal OCP application you should be able to answer all or most of the questions posed in the section above headed "Other Considerations.

B. Transfer Students

Transfer students must spend at least two semesters on the Albion campus and meet all other requirements  before undertaking any off-campus study.

C. On-Campus Residency Requirement

A student participating in an Off-Campus Program on the list of programs approved for Albion credit is considered a student in residence at the College.

D. Maximum Amount of Time on OCP

The maximum amount of off-campus programs' credit a student may count toward graduation is two semesters (8.0 units of credit).