Summer Programs

There are several off-campus programs that also run summer sessions. Students apply to these summer sessions during the preceding spring semester.  As noted previously, application to these programs follows the same procedures outlined in the section on "How to Apply."

Albion has a limited number of programs that are approved for summer. For these programs you follow the same rules and application procedures as a semester program. Applications are due in early February. Application to other summer study programs abroad or to summer school in the US does not involve the CIE.  The director of the CIE, though willing to discuss summer options with students, does not have administrative responsibility for non-Albion affiliated summer programs.  You apply directly to the program in which you are interested. You do not follow the OCP application procedure required for Albion's off-campus programs. If you want to receive transfer credit for academic work completed on a summer program, check with the Registrar and the chair of the Albion department(s) in whose discipline(s) you will be studying.

Summer programs abroad sponsored by American colleges and universities are listed in Vacation Study Abroad, ed. Sara J. Steen.

There are many summer programs overseas sponsored by foreign universities without an American college intermediary.  Also read Transitions, a study abroad magazine in the CIE, for announcements of unusual summer programs, e.g., to the People's Republic of China.

You cannot use any payment plans or grants or scholarships for Summer Off Campus Programs.