Safety and Responsibility

Albion College makes every effort to assure the safety and welfare of its students. However, travel anywhere involves a measure of risk. It would be foolish for anyone to promise you that nothing can happen to you during your off-campus experience.

However, there are things that you can do to lessen the possibility of sustaining an injury, getting sick, or being a victim of crime. Do not walk alone at night or carry large amounts of cash. Do not call attention to yourself by dressing as an American (sweatpants,  bright white tennis shoes).

 When you are an off-campus student, you are an independent adult; you are responsible for your actions and for taking appropriate health and safety precautions. We encourage you to check the WWW sites listed under "Further Information" .  Also, your program will be a good source of information and advice.

Albion College will not endorse a program or offer credit for courses or programs that are located in areas under a travel warning by the United States Department of State