When to Go Off-Campus

Students frequently ask whether to plan for one semester, a full year at one program, or two semesters off campus on different programs. The decision depends upon your academic goals, the ability to integrate your study off campus into your academic program at Albion, and many other factors (including money).  However, most students find that a full academic year is more rewarding academically, socially and personally than a shorter period. Some programs are designed especially for one-semester students, and a limited number of summer programs are available for those who cannot reconcile off-campus study with their Albion work load. PLEASE NOTE that you can count up to two semesters or one academic year of off-campus study toward graduation (eight Albion units).

The junior year is the usual time for off-campus study, although a few Albion students go in their senior year, especially the first semester. However, most students go off campus during their junior year. Junior year is the time after you have declared a major and minor, begun work in most fields, and completed most of your core requirements. You return to Albion as a senior, ready to complete your four-year education with a broader perspective. Albion does not permit students to do off-campus work earlier than the junior year. If you are considering studying off campus in your senior year, you should plan the move carefully. You will want to take extra care throughout the application process to ensure that you will meet all your graduation requirements.  Participation in an off-campus program during the last semester of your senior year may delay graduation.