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Matthew Kay

An innovative and versatile performer, composer, and teacher, Matthew Kay has played around the world with some of the world's finest musicians. With a desire to engage audiences with a unique experience, Matthew's performances span a diverse range of genres such as traditional british brass band music, classical music, electronica, jazz, gospel, and Roma gypsy music.

Matthew has played with the Grand Rapids Symphony Orchestra, the Lansing Symphony Orchestra, and the Southern Tier Orchestra. In 1998, he became the British Cornet Champion, shortly after joining the world-renowned Yorkshire Building Society Band. During his seven years with the band, they became widely regarded as the best brass band in the world winning the European Brass Band Championships a record six times, touring Europe and Australia, and recorded several internationally acclaimed CDs.

Matthew his currently completing his doctorate in trumpet performance at Michigan State University. He is the founder of Slavistar, a Roma gypsy style band, which blends traditional Eastern European folk tunes with jazz, funk and soul.


Briton Path Mentors

  • Kalli Allen

    Kalli Allen

    Hometown: Cleveland, OH
    Major: Ethnic Studies

    Words to live by:
    "How you gon' win if you ain't right within?"
    -Lauryn Hill, Doo Wop (That Thing)

  • Julie Armitage

    Julie Armitage

    Hometown: Canton, MI
    Major: Biology

    Words to live by:
    Inch by inch life's a sinch, yard by yard life is hard.

  • Becca Barry

    Becca Barry

    Hometown: Manistee, MI
    Major: Business & Communication

    Words to live by:
    Life will take you everywhere you need to go.

  • Cam Clements

    Cam Clements

    Hometown: Birmingham, MI
    Major: Biology / Management

    Words to live by:
    The problem isn't the problem, the problem is your attitude about the problem.

  • Lauren Cook

    Lauren Cook

    Hometown: Milan, MI
    Major: Athletic Training / Psychology

    Words to live by:
    No matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine!

  • Alexis Garza

    Alexis Garza

    Hometown: Saginaw, MI
    Major: Ethnic Studies & History / Religious Studies

    Words to live by:
    Durning your life, never stop dreaming. No one can take away your dreams.
    -Tupac Shakur

  • Kendra Gembala

    Kendra Gembala

    Hometown: Cedar Lake, TN
    Major: Finance & Public Policy

    Words to live by:
    Nothing worth achieving is ever easy.

  • Lauren Kelsey

    Lauren Kelsey

    Hometown: Sanford, MI
    Major: Biochemistry / Molecular Biology

    Words to live by:
    Passion will move you beyond all your shortcomings and failures.

  • Julia Malecke

    Julia Malecke

    Hometown: South Lyon, MI
    Major: Business & Communications

    Words to live by:
    Never give up. Keep perservering no matter what.

  • Jake Neracher

    Jake Neracher

    Hometown: Wixom, MI
    Major: Communication / Management

    Words to live by:
    Keep yourself in the moment. Smile.

  • Kelly Wright

    Kelly Wright

    Hometown: Northville, MI
    Major: Athletic Trainer / Spanish

    Words to live by:
    Every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day.

  • Jared Yaroch

    Jared Yaroch

    Hometown: Clarkston, MI
    Major: Commnication / Exercise Science

    Words to live by:
    Stay focused.

  • Jamal Yearwood

    Jamal Yearwood

    Hometown: Saginaw, MI
    Major: Spanish / Management

    Words to live by:
    Above all be genuine to yourself.

Stephanie Henderson

Stephanie Henderson, Visiting Assistant Professor, Theatre Department. Costume Shop Supervisor


Stephanie joined the department in the Fall of 2016 as Costume Shop Supervisor. She graduated from Michigan State University with a MFA in Production Design, fulfilling a life-long dream of becoming a costume designer. She earned a BA in English from Moravian College in Bethlehem, PA.

Her involvement in theatre spans 30 years, from acting and directing to designing and teaching. With students of all ages, Stephanie has used creative drama as a tool to assist students with learning disabilities to teenagers in residential treatment centers. As Managing Director of the Academy of Performing Arts in Orleans, MA, she instituted a New Works Weekend, showcasing the original work of community playwrights. While living in Virginia, she created the Ha’Penney stage, a theatre program for students in the Richmond area.

Stephanie served as Lecturer and Costume Designer for the Theatre and Speech Department at the University of Tennessee in Chattanooga. Her responsibilities included designing and building costumes for all theatre productions, mentoring students in the costume shop as well as teaching classes including Make-up Design, Costume Design and Intro to Theatre.

Other professional credits include her successful funding of grants from amounts ranging from $10, 000 to $900,000 in order to support the development and advancement of afterschool programs, emergency assistance programs for families in need, support of the arts as well as scholarships for needy students.

Stephanie worked two years as an intern and then three years as costume designer/coordinator for La Musica Lirica. The company auditions young vocal talent from all over the country for an opportunity to spend five weeks in the beautiful Emilia-Romagna region of Italy singing opera. For more information on La Musica Lirica, please view their webpage at

Since returning to Michigan, Steph has collaborated with Lansing Community College and MSU Opera as designer and will be working with Opera Grand Rapids and Opera Saratoga in the summer as Costume Shop Manager.

Stephanie has relocated to Michigan with her husband Paul, her golden retriever, and her horse to be closer to family. Her son, Paul “PJ” Henderson, also a MSU alum lives in Lansing, Michigan and works as lead Videographer for Central Michigan University.

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