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Abigail E. Cahill

Abigail Cahill
Assistant Professor of Biology

B.A., 2007, Colgate University (Biology, French)
Ph.D., 2014, Stony Brook University (Ecology & Evolution)

Appointed: 2016

Expertise Areas: Ecology, evolution, marine biology, dispersal, invertebrate biology

Current Courses:

  • BIO 195 (Ecology, Evolution, Biodiversity)
  • BIO 225 (Invertebrate Biology)
  • BIO 289 (Marine Biology)

Research Interests:
Dr. Cahill's research interests center around evolutionary ecology of early life stages of marine species. She is interested in questions relating dispersal of marine invertebrates to other ecological and evolutionary processes, especially how dispersal type can influence local adaptation to temperature regimes and ultimately how these species may or may not evolve in response to global climate change. She is also interested in how marine invertebrate population dynamics are driven by recruitment and subsequent survival, and how these crucial processes are affected by environmental, phenotypic, and genetic variation. Answering these questions involves labwork using molecular methods, as well as lab and fieldwork with live organisms. At Albion, she will be branching out into freshwater invertebrate systems to ask some of these same questions regarding connectivity, dispersal, and life history.

SEA Semester-Woods Hole, MA (4)

Professor Yoshii on the SSV Cramer in the Spanish Mediterranean summer 2014
Professor Yoshii on the SSV Cramer in the Spanish Mediterranean summer 2014.

Subjects: Oceanography, Nautical Science, Maritime Studies

Prerequisities: 3.0 GPA; junior-level standing, interest in science, demonstrated maturity.

Length: Semester--Fall or Spring (12 wks), Summer (8 wks).

For up-to-date information on the whereabouts and activities of our vessels, check out the daily report on the SEA Web site at:

Credit: Up to 17 semester hours or 4.25 Albion College units (4 semester hours = 1 Albion College unit). Credit is apportioned on the 2 components of the program in this way: 2.25 Albion College units for Shore component; 2.00 Albion College units for the Sea component.

Faculty: All of SEA's faculty hold doctorate level degrees. SEA's nautical science faculty are licensed professional Master Mariners who teach nautical science on shore and go to sea as masters of the vessels. The Oceanography faculty teach oceanography on shore and go to sea as Chief Scientists on board the vessels. SEA's Maritime Studies faculty teach maritime studies on shore, providing the humanities focus of ocean study. The SEA faculty is augmented by visiting scholars and lecturers. These men and women have all worked at sea and understand the challenges and rewards of living in and studying the world offshore.

Housing: Cottage dormitories during the shore component, on board a sailing ship during the ship component.

Costs Not Covered by Albion: Transportation to/from Woods Hole; transportation to/from ship (varies depending on which cruise selected); books; board on shore; incidentals.

As early as possible as Sea Education has a rolling basis admissions.

Faculty Advisor: Ruth Schmitter, Putnam 054, 517-629-0379,

Comments: Designed for students with or without oceanographic background or career interests. The program is in two parts: a 6-week shore component that provides classroom-based instruction in theories of sea life; and a 6-week Ship component on board a sailing ship that emphasizes learning through participation and practical experience. Some financial aid is available through the SEA Semester program. See program brochure for more details.

Elizabeth Dorr
SEA Semester Admissions Office
Sea Education Association
P. O. Box 6
Woods Hole, MA 02543 Telephone: 800-552-3633, ext 770
Fax: 508-540-0558

Rae S. Corliss, '23, Endowed Pleiad Prize

This prize is awarded each year to the student(s) who have made the greatest contribution to the Pleiad in editing, writing, reporting, layout, photography, online editing, graphics, distribution, and/or business management.

This prize is made possible by donors Dr. Glenn A. Corliss, ’61 and Nan D. Corliss, ’63.

Awardees include:

  • 2016 Awardees

    • Beau Brockett
    • Clare Kolenda
    • Natalya DiCiac
  • 2015 Awardees

    • Alexa Hyman
    • Clare Kolenda
    • Spencer White
  • 2014 Awardees

    • Claire Van Raaphorst
    • Kurt Miller
  • 2013 Awardees

    • Nicholas Diamond
    • Travis Trombley
  • 2009 Awardees

    • Kyle Gillis
  • 2008 Awardees

    • Christie Piper

Brittany Middlebrook

Brittany MiddlebrookBrittany Middlebrook, Gerstacker Institute Coordinator

BA, 2014, Michigan State University

Office: Robinson 106
Phone: 517/629-0418

Brittany is a linguist whose primary interest is the relationship between language and culture. Her foreign language studies have included French, German, and Spanish (with wholehearted optimism to study more)! She received her B.A. in Linguistics from Michigan State University, where her desire to work in higher education was ignited. Brittany has always been an advocate for diversity and education – working previously in the Admissions department at Baker College of Jackson. From this experience, her passion for student development and success rapidly grew – resulting in her enthusiastic step to become a part of the Albion College team. Brittany resides in Jackson and enjoys hiking, rollerblading, cooking, and traveling in her spare time.

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