Aaron Croad, '12

Aaron Croad, Albion College Class of 2012Major: Mathematics-Economics
Residence: Novi, Michigan
Career: Consulting - Data Analytics, Ernst & Young

In a nutshell, what do you do?

I work as a data analytics consultant at Ernst & Young. In general, I am brought in on projects to assist in analyzing big data to determine real-world applicability to our clients. We do this mainly by using tools such as Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, and Tableau (to name a few) to load, store, and transform data into something meaningful. A few specific projects I have dealt with concern identifying duplicate payments made by the client, creating models to determine likeliness of committing fraud, and creating a database in Microsoft Access to aid in a client's billing process.

Why do you love what you do?

Ernst & Young is such a big company that there is quite a bit of variety in my line of work. There are employees who have worked there for their entire careers and say that they always have something new and exciting to work on and learn from. So far, everything I have done has been new, and consequently, I haven't stopped learning after graduating from Albion. Being able to have variety and a continued education (in any sense) in my line of work was the two things I valued most in a job coming out of college, and Ernst & Young provides both for me.

How did Albion help you get there?

I had a very well rounded education at Albion. Academically, my major in Math-Econ gave me the knowledge to learn quickly and efficiently the world of data analytics. By getting a minor with the Gerstacker Institute, I was able to see the incredible value of data in the context of the business world. The other classes that filled up my course load and met the requirements for a liberal arts degree gave me the confidence to approach new challenges with vigor, the perspective to always look outside the box, and the ability to relate and communicate effectively with clients and colleagues.

Through my connections with Gerstacker and the Econ Department, I was able to obtain, and excel at, internships with Humanergy (a management consulting company in Marshall, Mich.) and Ernst & Young.

The connections at Albion allowed me to get my foot in the door in the working world. My education (and what I did with it) did the rest!

For me, Albion ...

... helped me discover my potential, introduced me to lifelong friends, prepared me for life after college, and will always be my home away from home.

Amber Myers, '13

Amber MyersMajor: Economics and Management with an Emphasis in General Business, Gerstacker Institute concentration
Postgraduate Education: JD/MBA Candidate, May 2017 Michigan State University, Supply Chain Management
Career: General Procurement Intern, Dell Inc. Past, Ford Motor Company, Michigan Attorney General’s Office.

In a nutshell, what do you do?

I am pursuing my JD/MBA in supply chain management, focusing in procurement. In a procurement role, I analyze current spend, negotiate supplier contracts, and work with internal and external stakeholders to purchase the right good or service at the right price, for the right business need.

Why do you love what you do?

Because I can positively impact my business and community in one role. I specifically target sustainability-focused procurement projects that promote diversity inclusion, environmental responsibility, and profitability. Being a JD/MBA I am able to offer a unique, holistic perspectives to strategy.

How did Albion help you get there?

Practicing law is about strategy, analysis, and experience. If not for Albion, I would not have been prepared for the challenges of law school. Albion's liberal arts curriculum prepared me for MSU's diverse and deeply analytic classroom experiences. Also, interning for house counsels at Poptent, Inc., and Roush Enterprises, provided me with invaluable experiences, skills and networs that opened doors to my current positions. Most importantly, Albion's support system of faculty, staff and alumni continuously guide my career. I may be a Spartan, but at heart I am always a Brit!

For me, Albion…

…is undeniably the best choice I have made. Albion challenged me into personal growth and rewarded me with opportunities I could never have forseen. I would not be where I am today, personally or professionally, without the support of my Albion friends and family!

Business Major

The business world is dynamic. By preparing students in the fundamentals of common business practices, and creating challenges that provide opportunities to develop critical thought into action, this program creates in-demand employees and future business leaders.

Our Students

Students majoring in Business can expect:

  • An approach to business education that addresses depth (through specialties such as accounting, marketing, management, and finance) as well as breadth (through a foundation anchored in the liberal arts).

  • A focus on putting the critical thinking skills developed through the liberal arts into action -- in the form of many experiential opportunities, such as internships, off-campus and study-abroad experiences, and others.

  • An exploration into entrepreneurial thinking in and out of the classroom -- through case analyses, simulations, business plan development, and even the actual launching of ventures.

  • An internship component is designed into this major.

For more details, please see our page on Required Courses for the Business major.

Student Ventures

Omicron Delta Epsilon - This honorary organization recognizes scholastic attainment and outstanding achievements in economics.

Economics and Management Investment Club - Students manage an investment portfolio, buying and selling real stocks.  Profits are used to fund a scholarship for E&M majors.  Investment Club members take an annual trip to Chicago to meet Albion alumni working in finance.

Delta Sigma Pi - Albion's chapter of this co-ed business fraternity does volunteer work and provides networking opportunities.

Career And Internship Center

The Career and Internship Center (CIC) is committed to assisting students plan for and move into their future. The staff is dedicated to helping students through the maze of information available, no matter which career path is chosen. The CIC staff works closely with faculty mentors and the College's institutes and centers to help students prepare for the next step. 

  • Career planning
  • Career assessment - Strong Interest Inventory, Myers Briggs Type Indicator, O*Net
  • Job search assistance - resume & cover letter writing, practice interviews
  • Internship search
  • Job and internship postings - local/regional and national
  • Alumni connections

For More Information

We welcome your questions about economics and management study at Albion College. Please contact the Department of Economics and Management.

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E&M Majors Koaches, Merritt Named All-America Scholars in Men's Golf

Albion's Brent Koaches and Scott Merritt were named All-America Scholars in NCAA Division III men's golf for 2012.Albion College placed Brent Koaches (left) and Scott Merritt on the list of NCAA Division III Cleveland Golf/Srixon All-America Scholars. Merritt graduated earlier in May after majoring in economics and management with a Gerstacker Institute concentration. Koaches, an E&M major with an emphasis in accounting as well as a Gerstacker concentration, completed his junior year at Albion.

Twenty-three golfers from D-III gained the honor and Albion was the lone Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association program to produce All-America Scholars.

“Scott and Brent set an example for everyone else on the roster,” Albion coach Jordan Rich said.

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2012 Economics and Management Award Winners

The Albion College Economics and Management Department congratulates the following department award recipients.

Outstanding Senior E&M Major Award: Sean M. Hendon and Timothy R. Wernet

Walter A. Terpenning Award: Robert D. Clark

E. Maynard Aris Award for Outstanding Scholarship: Melissa K. Megerian and Caroline N. Dobbins

Maurice Branch Award for Scholarship and Research: Aaron A.  Croad

Scotty Cracraft Scholarship Award for Scholarship in Accounting: Daniel W. Merritt

Gaylord Smith Award for Scholarship in Accounting: Kathleen L. Petchell

Tim Cash Ernst and Young Scholarships in Accounting: Brent Koaches, Rahman A. Isayev, Jeremy F. Simms, Charles J. Carroll, and David J. Budka

Robert Hetler PriceWaterhouseCoopers Scholarships in Accounting: Brent Koaches, Charles J. Carroll, David J. Budka, Ryan M. Moretti, Donald W. Strite, and Allan L. Adair

For more information on these awards, please see the Department's Scholarships and Awards page.

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Admission, Costs, and General Information (Simplified Chinese)




Bieber, Malecke Balance Soccer, Monetary Policy

Evan Malecke and Andy Bieber, members of Albion College's Gerstacker Institute and soccer team.Albion College students are noted for their ability to juggle their academic and extracurricular pursuits, though the balancing act performed by Andy Bieber and Evan Malecke this fall may stand alone.

The E&M students went to class each day until about 4 p.m., when they would go to practice or matches as midfielders for Albion’s men’s soccer team. After soccer, the juniors would have just enough time to grab dinner and clean up before spending hours sifting through papers and debating economic policy with members of Albion’s Fed Challenge team as it prepared for its Nov. 16 regional competition in Chicago.

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Seniors Rewarded for Mentoring Local Youth

Bob Wernet, Luke Walker, and Sean Hendon mentored students at Albion's Harrington Elementary School.The highlight of the week for many children at Albion's Harrington Elementary School is the one-hour visit by their mentor, who happens to be a student from Albion College. Three senior E&M students who are also members of the men's basketball program – Bob Wernet, Luke Walker, and Sean Hendon – were among 25 Albion students who recently received Michigan Campus Compact Heart and Soul awards for their dedication to community service. They were also among the recipients of the Jessie Longhurst Rotary Service Award.

The mentorship program, now known as Jessie's Gift in memory of the 2002 Albion High School graduate and former Albion College student-athlete, was developed and is currently run by Peg Turner, the wife of former Albion men's basketball coach Mike Turner.

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International Interests of Economics and Management Faculty (Traditional Chinese)


Vicki Baker   E&M362國際管理的授課教師。她曾經輔導由艾爾比奧大學學生和ESCIA(一個法國商學院)學生組成的聯合團隊的管理項目。她在2011年春天訪問了法國和希臘,為艾爾比奧大學的學生取得了參與國際項目的機會。

Dan Christiansen   曾經獲得由美國國務院提供的傅爾布萊特經費到挪威科技大學講授數理金融課程。           

Zhen Li   北京大學學士、普林斯頓大學博士。講授E&M363 中國經濟、E&M365 國際金融、以及E&M366 國際貿易。對發展中國家證券市場的開放問題做過研究。母語漢語普通話。

Greg Saltzman   曾在倫敦經濟學院學習一年,並曾任華威大學訪問學者。曾經獲得由美國國務院提供的傅爾布萊特經費到中國吉林大學講授勞資關系研究。曾發表學術期刊文章比較美國和加拿大的醫療保險體系。另有學術期刊文章分析美國、加拿大、挪威、和瑞典公眾對於勞資糾紛的觀念。

International Interests of Economics and Management Faculty (Simplified Chinese)


Vicki Baker  E&M362国际管理的授课教师。她曾经辅导由艾尔比奥大学学生和ESCIA(一个法国商学院)学生组成的联合团队的管理项目。她在2011年春天访问了法国和希腊,为艾尔比奥大学的学生取得了参与国际项目的机会。

Dan Christiansen   曾经获得由美国国务院提供的傅尔布莱特经费到挪威科技大学讲授数理金融课程。   

Zhen Li   北京大学学士、普林斯顿大学博士。讲授E&M363 中国经济、E&M365 国际金融、以及E&M366 国际贸易。对发展中国家证券市场的开放问题做过研究。母语汉语普通话。

Greg Saltzman   曾在伦敦经济学院学习一年,并曾任华威大学访问学者。曾经获得由美国国务院提供的傅尔布莱特经费到中国吉林大学讲授劳资关系研究。曾发表学术期刊文章比较美国和加拿大的医疗保险体系。另有学术期刊文章分析美国、加拿大、挪威、和瑞典公众对于劳资纠纷的观念。

Baker Sheds Light on Unethical Behavior in the Workplace

Albion College economics and management professor Vicki BakerAlbion College economics and management professor Vicki Baker has spent her academic career studying the decisions individuals make in the workplace. In a paper recently published in Personnel Psychology, Baker and her colleagues from the London Business School, Cornell University, the University of Michigan, and Pennsylvania State University developed a measure to predict unethical behavior.

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Alumnus Mentors Management Students on Consulting Project

Michael Brown, '87, left, is mentoring a management class during the spring 2012 semester.When Michael Brown, '87, (pictured at left) was a student at Albion College, creating a brochure for Albion's Downtown Development Authority put him on the path that led to his current position as interactive director with Full Circle, a marketing and interactive agency in Grand Rapids.

Nearly 25 years later, Brown's career has completed the full circle. This time, he's mentoring a group of economics and management majors in a consulting project as the city of Albion evaluates the redesign of its website. In a management course taught by Vicki Baker, the students have broken into five teams working with Brown.

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Albion Earns Honorable Mention in Fed Challenge National Finals

Thomas Worden and Heather Waldron of Albion College's 2011 Fed Challenge team.Teamwork and preparation paid off for Albion's Fed Challenge team, as the group took an honorable mention in the national College Challenge hosted by the Federal Reserve on November 29. "How many other times will you see Albion and Harvard competing?" asked team member Heather Waldron. "We all worked really hard to get here, and it was an once-in-a-lifetime experience."

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Albion College Students Win Regional 'Fed Challenge' Competition

Demonstrating their understanding of the workings of the Federal Reserve, a team of Albion economics and management students recently won the Chicago District College Fed Challenge. The group now heads for the Fed Challenge national finals, November 29 in Washington, D.C., in which it will face the other regional finalists from Harvard University; Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey; Lafayette College; and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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