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101 North Superior

Meeting, making, and learning space. Downtown.

101 North Superior

The Need

For both Albion College and the town of Albion to be sustainable and vibrant, we must create a forging of experience, expertise, effort, and energy.

And that means a physical space where students, faculty and staff from Albion College can interact with members of the community, along with other scholars, business leaders, and alumni from around the country, to help forge a powerful partnership.

At the intersection of Cass and Superior streets, the physical representation of this idea will stand as an example of progress for all of Albion.

The Vision

Imagine a space where Albion College students, alongside professors and staff from the college and members of the community, can dissect complex community level problems together.

Imagine a building that will provide learning spaces for the Albion College institutes – The Gerald R. Ford Institute for Leadership in Public Policy and Service; The Carl A. Gerstacker Institute for Business and Management; the Institute for Healthcare Professions; the Center for Sustainability and the Environment; and the Shurmur Center for Teacher Development – in the heart of Albion’s business district.

And imagine a makerspace that provides a creative environment where new business ideas can be created and developed collaboratively. This is the vision for 101 North Superior.

The Opportunity

We will create a building, currently owned and being renovated for occupancy by Saginaw businessman Sam Shaheen, ’88, to suit the needs of both Albion College and the community. Beyond the physical structure, we will build programming to support student engagement with community development projects, the Build Albion Fellows program, and business start-up and growth efforts.

Partner With Us

Gifts to support the completion of 101 North Superior will be permanently recognized on the property. Specific naming opportunities exist for gifts from $5,000 to $3,000,000.

Gifts for programming will help forge the intentional partnership between the town and the college – creating a hub for one Albion. The Build Albion Fellows program, initiatives geared toward launching and helping new businesses grow and relocate in Albion, public policy and city administration information sharing, and internship programs - among others - will have a permanent home in the Superior building.

To learn more, please contact the Development Office at , or call 517/629-0402.

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Corporate and Foundation Giving

Corporate and foundation giving provide valuable programs for Albion College students.

Essential funding for Albion grants and programs.

Corporations, foundations, and government agencies are powerful supporters through their funding of institutional priorities at Albion College. Our Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations works to broaden this base of support for our initiatives and programs.

Albion's Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations also leads and supports Albion College faculty, staff, and administrators in seeking and securing public and private grants through these institutions.

To discuss funding opportunities, please contact our Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations or by phone at 517/629-0510.

The Power of Giving

Thank you to our alumni, parents, and friends who continue the tradition of equipping our students for successful lives and careers. Each year, our students are provided with an exceptional educational experience, in the classroom and beyond. Your generous support for scholarships, hands-on learning opportunities, and leadership development allows our students to grow and build the tools needed to change the world!

Students and faculty accomplish more each year through your generosity!

$2,371,026 was the total achieved for Albion College Annual Fund (undesignated and designated) giving between July 1, 2013 and June 30, 2014.

$3.5 million in endowed scholarship funds were awarded to students this academic year (2014-15).

98.1% of our students received scholarships for this academic year (2014-15).

48 students had summer research grants through FURSCA (Foundation for Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity) in 2014.

9 endowed professorships provide a powerful and prestigious recruitment and retention tool for faculty.

7 active endowed lecture series bring top leaders and scholars to our campus each year .

5,548 alumni, parents, and friends enhanced our students’ educational experience with gifts during fiscal year 2013-14.

Your gifts allow students to thrive.

Johanna Schulte, '15Johanna Schulte,’15, pictured to the right: "As a liberal arts institution, Albion College has provided me with a wide range of invaluable skills. Albion has fostered my professional interests and passions, and has given me opportunities to really explore how I want to spend my adult life. There has never been a shortage of interested alumni, faculty, and administrators who have actively helped me find the right path."

Johanna is a double major in public policy and women's studies. She is a member of the Gerald R. Ford Institute for Leadership in Public Policy and Service as well as the Prentiss M. Brown Honors Program. On campus, Johanna is the president of the Student Senate, and former president of Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity International, and she is a member of the Curriculum and Resources Committee and the Women's and Gender Studies Committee. Johanna has taken her education further with her role as an intern and research assistant at the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Foundation in Grand Rapids, as well as serving as a legal intern at Northwestern University's Center on Wrongful Convictions at the Bluhm Legal Clinic in Chicago. Albion College has provided Johanna with the tools for success which will put her well on her way toward a challenging and interesting career upon graduation this May.

If you have further questions related to giving during the fiscal year 2013-2014, please contact the Office of Annual Giving at 517/629-0448.

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