Job Postings

Albion College understands student employees are students first and employees second. Students are expected to meet their commitments to the employment arrangement, arriving on time, completing work during scheduled hours and otherwise acting with dignity and respect for supervisors, staff, other students and other members of the College Community.

Albion College does not tolerate discrimination or sexual harassment in the workplace. Complaints should be referred immediately to the attention of the employee’s supervisor, manager, department chairperson or directly to the Office of Human Resources, 629-0205.

Students are limited to 20 hour per work week for all campus jobs. The work week runs from Monday through Sunday regardless of when a pay period begins or ends.

In order to work in an on-campus job or an off-campus federal work study job, students must be deemed eligible to work on campus by Student Employment. If you have held any other campus job you are all set. If you have never worked on campus before, you should complete the student employment registration process now.

Student Job Seekers

Student Employment Position Listings are posted on the Briton Network, where you will have access to Albion College student employment job opportunities, current career, internship, and volunteer opportunities in and around the city of Albion. For assistance using the Briton Network, please contact the Career and Internship Center located onthe first floor of Ferguson Hall, 517-629-0332 or . The Briton Network can be found at


Campus Supervisors interested in posting positions on this site should complete a Student Job Posting Request form.